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February 26th
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4:33 pm

Favorites of February

I thought I’d try something new this month! I’ll just share a few of my favorite things of the month of February. 


Leather Backpack & Cream Sweater - Thrifted

I am in love with my new leather backpack I found last week at Salvation Army with my pal Madison, who was kind enough to let me have this beauty. (Madison, if you’re reading this, thank you thank you thank you!) I think it’s the bees knees. It was only $3.99, and in great condition, and not to mention, made of sturdy leather. I fit everything I need in this little baby and off I go.


Giraffage - Needs

I’ve known about Giraffage for about two months now after finding him spontaneously on soundcloud. He makes really rad beats, and shit, this guy is talented. This recent album, Needs, was released on bandcamp a few days before Valentine’s Day. Needs is nine tracks of great stuff. Definitely go check him out if you haven’t already, and download his album for free here.


Gold Tinsel Knit - Thrifted

Metallics have been a big one for me. Recently, I’ve purchased a few shiny gold and silver pieces to add to my wardrobe. I think it adds a sort of obnoxious elegance to my look of the day, if that makes any sense. The cheap plastic-y material of this gold tinsel knit is so unique and it’s really growing on me.


Thin Mints

It’s that time of year again! I bought so many boxes of Girl Scout cookies this month. It’s impossible to deny these things though. I mean, when I’m coming out of the grocery store on a cold night and I see a little girl and her mom huddling together for warmth, looking so helpless, I feel horrible. But come on, these things are delicious. 


I’d like your feedback! Tell me what you want to see on here, or what else you want to know about me. Also, I’m thinking about starting an online vintage shop… Would any of my viewers be interested in this? Let me know. Thanks.

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  1. cloudinthesky said: This was really cool, maybe you could do it every month? :) And a vintage shop sounds great too, you should do it ! OOTD are also interesting and maybe DIY? Just some ideas… :)
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